How To Assess The Value of Trees In Your Garden

Here’s a nifty little calculator for finding the value of trees in your garden.

As an example: arborists at the University of Massachusetts, the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation calculated the value of a pin oak with a 14-inch diameter at breast height. All numbers are annual savings/values.

  • Carbon sequestered: 259 pounds
  • Carbon atmospheric release avoided: 257 pounds carbon total kept out of atmosphere:
  • 537 pounds oxygen produced: $1.96
  • NO2 deposited: $.85
  • NO2 avoided: $3.36
  • SO2 deposited: $.25
  • SO2 avoided: $1.40
  • Particulate matter deposited: $1.77
  • Particulate matter avoided: $.39
  • Increase in property value: $103
  • Conserved electricity: $12.92 (96 kilowatt-hours)
  • Reduced natural gas consumption: $39.93 (28 therms)
  • Stormwater intercepted: $12.21 (1,527 gallons)
  • Not a bad amount of real cash for having a maturing tree.

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