How To Start Perennial Gardening

Dear Fellow Gardener:

Here’s How You Can Grow A Stunning Perennial Flower Garden

This book takes you through all the steps for a beginner gardener to grow a stunning perennial flower garden the first time. Written by award winning author and retired nurseryman Doug Green, everything you need to know to get started is in this easy-to-understand gardening ebook.


Soil Preparation






Plant Choices


Common Questions

Plant Shopping Lists For Bloom Time


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Gardening for Non-Gardeners

Dear Fellow Gardener:

You Can Instantly Improve Your Garden With These Gardening Tips

What’s In This Book?

The only three things you must do to have a great garden. Ignore the rest if you have or want to.

Two simple ways to get your soil right that take almost no work.

The simplest way to get a garden to bloom all summer if you’re using perennials.

The ten perennials you should buy and ignore the rest if you want easy blooms.

The myth of the cottage garden and why you can have one easily.

Basic Pest Control and why you should relax about insects.

Roses and what you really need to know to keep them healthy and blooming

Simple Organic Lawn Care – it can and should be played on.

Bulbs for Everyone. Simple tricks of the trade

Easy Organic Gardening – compost and compost tea recipes to get you started

Annuals – planting distances that baffle many people are laid out here

Hanging Baskets and Containers – the three things you have to do in order to make them look good all summer

Vegetable gardening rules of thumb. Planting distances and container vegetable gardening

Tomatoes – growing tips to maximize your harvests.

Herb Gardening for the home kitchen garden


Who Is This Ebook For

It’s for gardeners who want easy gardening and who want simple, clear directions on creating a garden.

It’s for people who really don’t want to garden or who are just too busy to garden but who need to know the basics to keep their house looking good.

It’s for people who want a clear, no-nonsense set of directions to get them started gardening.


49 Steps to Instant Landscaping

Dear Fellow Gardener:


You Can Instantly Improve Your Landscaping In 49 Easy Steps

Whether you’re looking for an instant upgrade because the family is coming or because you want to sell your property, the landscaping ideas here are easy to do, don’t cost much money, and can mostly be done in a weekend. These garden design ideas and action steps are simple guidelines for a quick garden makeover from award winning garden author Doug Green.

  • The first step is an easy one. Don’t.  Seriously don’t. I explain why in the ebook.
  • Will Adding Plants Actually Do Anything?
  • 7 Things Every Real Estate Agent is Going To Tell You to Do:
  • Big Things or Little Things?
  • 6 Quick Tips For Improving Lawns
  • 4 Tips For Improving Shrubs Right Away
  • Why You Might Not Want Container Gardens
  • The 3 Things You Must Do In The Flower Garden
  • 2 Things About Pavement and Asphalt
  • 7 Quick Tips About Perennial Flowers
  • Why Bulbs Are A Special Case
  • 3 Things To Do About Roses
  • 3 Things To Deal With If You Have A Pond
  • 6 Tips About Your Lawn Furniture
  • Got Houseplants? Here are 3 Tips You Want To Read
  • Flowering Plants and Cut Flowers Indoors
  • All told, there are 49 actionable steps that will only take you a weekend to accomplish.

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Tender Roses In Tough Climates

Dear Fellow Gardener:


How You Can Grow Awesome Rose Garden Plants In The North

Here are your answers for rose gardening in cold climates while using organic gardening techniques. Award winning garden author and nurseryman Doug Green grows tender hybrid tea roses in his USDA 4 garden without any winter protection and has been doing it for over 30 years now. He recently updated all the information, added relevant rose disease information asked by readers over the years.

What’s here is the result of over 30 years of rose growing in tough winter climates of USDA 4 and clear instructions about how to duplicate his success. This information comes from an experienced gardener, nurseryman and award winning author and is sure to revolutionize the way you grow your roses. The techniques are all organic and because of the way the roses are grown, Doug does not spray his roses for black spot or other rose diseases. He uses only organic methods for diseases and rose pest control.

Chapters on:

How To Plant For Survival

Feeding: The Big Difference

Bareroot Roses

Pruning Your Rose

Hardy Climbing Roses

Growing Roses in Containers

Tree Roses In Tough Climates

Rose Disease and Problem Solving:

Insect Control

Watch your roses thrive when you use these proven techniques.
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Fragrant Plants

Dear Fellow Gardener:

Here’s How To Grow A Fragrant Garden You’ll Never Want To Leave

Fragrant plants make gardens a wondrous joy and in this ebook, award winning garden author Doug Green lists the best plants and the best varieties in those plants for you to plant in your garden. From perennials, roses, annuals and bulbs, Green lists those plants you want to search out for their fragrance.

Essential Oils and Their Properties

Lists of Fragrant Plants With Recommended Varieties




Bulbs (including which tulips are fragrant)

This is an advanced shopping list for those who want to take their gardens to the next level of fragrance and a guideline about what fragrance is and how we all differ in our interpretation of it and indeed how to use it in our gardens. Green gives you a sense of the plant, not necessarily how to grow it but what specific varieties you should be looking to buy if fragrance is important to you.

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Successful Organic Lawns

Dear Fellow Gardener:

Here’s How To Grow A Successful Organic Lawn That Will Amaze The Neighbors


The Law of Unintended Consequences

Three Things You Need to Get Started

Mother Nature Never Breaks Her Own Rules

Nine Steps for Success

The Myth of Thatch

Sell Your Lawn Roller

Dead Patches in the Spring – Here doggie, doggie!

Organic Weed Control

Moles and Voles and How to Eliminate them from your lawn

Grub Control

A Guy’s Guide to Low Maintenance Lawn Care

If you follow the directions in this ebook, your organic lawns will look as good (or better) than the neighbors. And you, your kids, and your pets can roll around out there playing without concern for noxious cancer or disease-causing chemicals. Your neighbors will also thank you for reducing the amount of chemicals in their environment as well.

Award winning garden author Doug Green outlines the nine easy steps you can take to create a healthy lawn masterpiece in easy-to-follow steps debunking away the myths promoted by the lawn-chemical companies. Green starts by introducing you to the basics of organic thinking about lawns and quickly follows with step-by-step and season by season steps to create that perfect lawn using organic and environmentally sustainable techniques. Weed and insect control for the average lawn is fully covered including tips not often found about how to really make organic techniques work on the average home lawn.

He also launches into his trademark humor with the last section – a Guys Guide to Low Maintenance Lawn Care.

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