This is what cold damage looks like in petunias

This is what cold damage (and a bit of wind to add to this plant’s misery) looks like in petunias. Peter Petunia took one for the team to share this misery with you.

cold damage in petunias
cold damage in petunias

Those white spots aren’t a disease, they’re physiology issues where the leaf has been killed.

Will Peter Petunia Survive An April Planting

Well, only time will tell but it’s not only a question of survival

It’s A Question

It’s a question of being stunted. If Peter survives, we’ll compare his growth with that of petunias planted when the air and soil are much warmer. Hint: Peter is going to lose this contest.

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Moral of Story?

Plant at the proper time for your gardening zone and always – always – look down the road at the 10-day weather forecast to ensure there’s no freezing in your future.

Want to avoid this kind of problem?

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When You Just Can’t Resist Planting Something

I just couldn’t resist. Yes, it’s a silly thing but… (seriously folks) we’ve not had a hard frost in several weeks. And yes, it’s April 25 and our regular last frost date is somewhere about 3 weeks in the future.

But I just couldn’t resist.

And I have 249 petunias remaining under the grow-lights in the basement so what’s the worst thing that could happen? I’d lose this (albeit a brave and taking-one-for-the-team) petunia.

Brave Petunia

I’ve never planted an annual this early in our USDA zone 4 garden but there’s always a first time for everything. It’s planted in the growing zone on top of the dry stone wall surrounding our front gardens.

I’ll keep you up-to-date on Peter (the early planted) Petunia.

And for the record, nope I never even hardened the poor thing off.

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