The First Bloom For 2022

April 8 and this hellebore or Christmas rose earned first bloomer status as it normally does.

hellebore or Christmas rose in bloom in early April
Hellebore or Christmas Rose in early April

Yeah, the foliage is winter-brown and I haven’t trimmed it off to allow the flower to really shine out. But it’s April 8 and my garden flower season has launched here in USDA 4.

Note in warmer zones than mine, the foliage will not look as bedraggled and dead.

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Getting Ready To Vegetable Garden 2022

It’s early April here in Ontario, Canada (USDA zone 4) and far too early for our vegetable garden planting annuals and vegetables outdoors. It’s not too early to begin rebuilding and reimagining our backyard gardens though.

The two long beds to the left will be “in-ground” beds for growing (and possibly breeding hosta and hellebore). They are too shaded for vegetable gardening so I get them for a possible garden-retirement project.

The shorter (north-south) 2×4’s mark the location of our potential raised beds for our vegetable gardening.

While the longer beds will be one-board tall, the vegetable garden raised beds will (eventually) be waist height.

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I’ve deliberately not planned to build them too tall this year because I want to experiment with the layout for walking about and sun-levels. If everything works out, I’ll build them waist-high (starting with the nearest) and fill with soil next year. I can get my tractor/bucket into the garden at the far end you can see, but the hidden end has a stone wall going in (and the tractor doesn’t climb very well.)

vegetable garden in April

You can see the remnants of the tomato supports from last year on the far right. I left them in the garden and they were blown over by storms this past winter. As I build the raised beds, these will be incorporated into the structure for vertical gardening “adventures”.

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