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What Do I Need To Know About Composting String Algae

What do I need to know about composting string algae question.  How does one use string algae as compost?  Everyone says it is good for the garden but don’t say how to use it.
Plant Growing Conditions: zone 8

What I’ve done already: Saved the algae in buckets and kept it wet until I know what to do.

I can hear you laughing…..

Doug says

You have several options depending on your gardening style.

  • You can simply toss it onto the compost pile. This works and is a no-fuss, no-muss kind of event.It will dry right out and begin composting pretty quickly.
  • Use it as one of the “green” or relatively high-nitrogen count plants. Cover it over with other organic matter and it will retain moisture for a longer time – and it will decompose fairly quickly compared to other material.
  • Or you can toss it into a worm farm system.  I put mine into my worm farm and the worms eat it very! quickly.  They must like their greens. 🙂
  • Or – depending on how or what you mulch your garden with, you can use it as mulch directly onto the garden.  Tuck it under the plants or out of sight if necessary.  It does harden down once it dries out but the worms and other microorganisms break it down quickly.
  • Or – you can even sheet compost it. That is, lay it down in a small trench and fill it over with the excavated soil when the trench is full.  Plant over top of it next season. This works well in the vegetable garden if you’re rotation cropping.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there is any clarification you need on this.

p.s. not laughing – use it myself. 🙂

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