How To Cool Water In The Backyard Pond

 What is the best way to cool water in the backyard pond when it gets too hot?

Doug says Well, I’m not sure it can get too hot for waterlilies unless you’re growing them in a very small container out in the full sun. They adapt and absorb a ton of heat. The tropicals are particularly good at this.

So we don’t have a problem with this up north. If you’re concerned about your fish, then you may have some concerns in shallow ponds where water temperatures rise higher than optimum.

If we don’t count the obvious and expensive methods of cooling the water, then you have several options.

Methods to Cool Down Water

  • Increase the shade on the water. You can do this by having more plants to absorb the sun’s energy. Or, you can use a shade fabric that will cut the sunlight by the amount of the fabric’s density. In nurseries, we’d use 30%-60% blockers to shade our plants.
  • Run an auxiliary spray nozzle straight up in the air at night. This will increase the water exposure to cooling temperatures and will cool down the pond water. Do not run this during the day or you’ll increase the pond temperatures.
  • If you have a waterfall, it is acting to increase or decrease the water temperature as point 2 above. You can shut it down during the day BUT you had better ensure fish in the pond are not starved for oxygen as a result of doing this.

So if you decide you really do need to cool down water in your pond, those are the three easiest systems to set up.

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