Why I Don’t Use A Cobra Head Weeder

This cobra head weeder review is based on my own gardening experiences and opinions and may vary from yours. It is also based on over 30 years of practical gardening experience. (that’s what you call a disclaimer) 🙂

This tool is advertised as being useful for planting, cultivating, weeding etc. In short a general purpose cultivation tool.

Positive Points

  • Well made, it is heavy-duty construction and built to last.
  • Good steel and the point come sharpened (alert here – it is very sharp) and holds a point well.
  • Easy to grip handle

My Evaluation

The working tool itself is quite narrow. As is the pointed working end.


In trying to plant with this tool, it takes numerous strokes to dig a hole in the ground. In sandier soils, the amount of soil displaced by the working end is too small to be worth the effort.


Similarly, with weeding on a general scale the narrow blade needs to be turned at an angle to give a broader surface to cut off roots. I didn’t find it as quick or useful to use (more whacks needed per weed) as other similar broader-bladed tools or other hand-weeders.

General cultivation:

If you have a need for scuffling soil around plants in the early spring (gently turning over the soil to loosen up the top half-inch) then this tool might do the job.

Weeding in cracks.

if the spaces between paving stones is a large as the width of the blade, then this tool will work nicely for you. It will yank out weeds in confined spaces when the edges of the pavers give the weeds nowhere else to go but out.

But the crack is going to have to be around an inch wide for this tool to help.

Regularly spaced pavers are too narrow for this tool.

Bottom Line

I own the cobrahead weeder. It sits in my toolshed from one end of the year to the other and never gets used.

I do not recommend this weeder for general garden use.

In my opinion, not worth the money ($24.95 for the short handled, $59.95 for long handled)

If you want to check it out for Amazon reviews from other users, click here

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