Three ideas for Easy Pool Landscaping Design

There are several things you can instantly do to make your pool landscaping design work better for you and add value to your home.
Imagine you’re creating a movie set and you’re starring in that movie. How do you want it to look? What’s the image and mood you’re trying to create? Take a theme and modify it and have fun with it (you can always change it).

Design Idea Number One

Make sure there’s adequate seating next to the pool. Turn the pool into an entertainment area as much as a “cooling down” or just plain jump in the water area. Make it a family or entertainment area as well.
And you already know the seats shouldn’t be black metal (heat problems) and should have waterproof cushions. 🙂
Drinks by the pool anyone?

Design Idea Number Two

Big containers of plants make an impact on pool landscaping design – compared to tiny little things you normally see. Go big or go home! 🙂 The bigger the better so the kids can’t knock them over. Pick up some tropicals (big box stores often have early spring sales on them) and create a tropical look beside your pond.
And for the record, I never had a problem with chlorine bothering the plants next to the pool (and there was a ton of water went out of there with 4 kids and friends). In fact, the grass and plants that got regularly “watered” grew faster than the normal garden.

Design Idea Number Three

Get whimsical! Don’t be serious about pond landscaping design but create something to have fun. The commercial sized water jets in this picture (below) aren’t likely something you’re going to do.
But … What about putting your lawn sprinkler next to the pond and creating the same effect? What about attaching a small sprinkler to a floating chunk of styrofoam and shoving it out to the middle of the pool for the kids to play with?


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