Review Proven Winners Forsythia ‘Show Off’

Like all forsythia, this is a charming early spring bloomer – in a bright yellow blossom. I hope you know forsythia is one of the useful garden shrubs for gardener as it not only is one of the first to bloom but is also a “marker” shrub for spreading corn gluten on lawns to stop weeds.
And, branches can be cut in mid-winter and forced in a glass of water indoors to bring them into bloom and then the branches will often root.
Note to readers – I purchased this shrub in spring 2013 myself from a local garden center for test purposes and because I happen to like these shrubs – we had one on our front lawn when I was growing up. 🙂

Plant Details

  • Hardiness: USDA 4
  • Height 6-feet
  • Width plant 5-6 feet from other plants
  • Sun: Full
  • Bloomtime: Very early spring
  • Bloom color: Bright yellow from top to bottom of each branch

How to Grow Forsythia

This is one simple shrub as it grows on almost every kind of soil (although it does prefer a well-drained average soil).
Pruning and shaping is done immediately after blooming as the shrub blooms on old wood. If you prune in the fall or very early spring, you’ll cut off the blooms as well.
You can either cut the very old canes back and out in regular pruning methods or every few years you can whack it back to the ground if it gets too big and out of control for your yard.
Feed in very late fall or very early spring along with other shrubs, trees and evergreens for best growth.

Trial Results

Like many things in the plant world, this is going to be a multi-year process.
May 2013. Shrub purchased and planted. Unfortunately, the blooms were finished by the time I obtained the shrub so I’ll have to wait for another year to get some color.
No issues seen in the plant at time of planting.
October 2015: A strong growing shrub with a great bloom. Recommended.

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