Sitting Or Kneeling, Garden Kneelers Save Your Anatomy

There’s no doubt about it, garden kneelers take the pain out of kneeling down when you’re sowing seeds, weeding or planting. In fact, my sweetie doesn’t go out to the garden without lugging hers along. It’s her one essential garden tool.

How many times have you knelt down in your garden on a small sharp stone?
Garden kneelers not only protect your knees from sharp stones but they protect against damp and reduce the risk of staining your clothes.

The best kneelers are made from high density foam which helps to reduce knee trauma, low back and neck stress and they can provide pain free kneeling which makes your gardening much more enjoyable.

They are tough, lightweight, simple to use, easy to carry around and can easily be stored when not in use.

They are also easy to keep clean, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all that is usually needed.

These mats come in a range of colours, or even multicoloured and some even have witty logos.

They are cheap to buy, so you can afford to have more than one. I mean, what’s the price for comfy gardening?


There are also units that can be used not just for kneeling but can also be used as a seat.
They are usually metal with a padded kneeling pad and cushioned seat.
They are ideal if you have trouble when kneeling down or getting back up. In the kneeling position you can use the side frames as hand hold supports to ease yourself down when kneeling or to push yourself up when getting up. Some even come with a full set of wheels so you can push yourself along without having to stand up.
Pouches, with pockets, are available for some of these combos which hang from the kneeler, ideal for storing seeds, tools, cell phones or even a mid-morning snack. (Doug votes for the snack!)

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