What You Want In Great Garden Shears

Think of garden shears as really large scissors and you’re in the right area.

For larger cutting, they are really handy tools and many gardeners will have a good selection of them hanging in their garden sheds.

Mostly used mainly for trimming small hedges or small areas of grass, trimming lawn edges and trimming small bushes, I also use them for trimming perennials in the fall (or ornamental grass in the early spring) because using this larger tool is easier than using hand pruners for this amount of work.

Most shears have soft grip handles for comfort or rubber moulded grips making them easier for you to use.

Grass or garden shears (also known as Hedge shears) are used mainly for trimming the edges of lawns and trimming small hedges and bushes. The good ones have rubber buffers to prevent jarring as you close the blades together and a tension adjuster for trimming different widths of foliage.

Long-Handled Grass Shears

Grass shears are among the most popular of all garden shears. These long-handled tools are used for trimming small areas of grass, for trimming lawn edges or cutting grass close to trees or shrubs.

Having long handles means you don’t have to bend down (and that’s always a bonus.)

Long handled grass shears can also be used for cutting back your perennials after they have finished flowering, cutting back your heather and your ornamental grasses.

They will not cut through thicker plants and branches as easy and as good as grass shears do because of the length of the handles and the angle of the cutting blades.
Do get heavy duty handles on these because cheaper models tend to “twist” on cutting and harder to use.

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