Garden Tool Review: Korean Plow Hoe

This Korean plow hoe review (also called a ho-mi or weed-eze or EZ-Digger) is based on my own gardening experiences and opinions and may vary from yours. It is also based on over 30 years of practical gardening experience. (that’s what you call a disclaimer) 🙂

This tool is advertised as being a planting, cultivation and general purpose tool for the garden

Disclaimer – I purchased this tool (over 30 years ago – that’s how long they last if you don’t lose them) and have no relationship with the company.

This is a heavy duty gardening tool. Forged of heavy metal with a solid wood handle this plow-like tool will last for years (mine did before I lost it in a move). I immediately went out and bought another one.

It has a wide enough blade to do 99% of all gardening chores – from planting transplants to weeding and small digging chores.

My Evaluation:

If you’re looking for ugly tools, this one might qualify but I wear it on my hip almost every time I go to the garden.

It is one of two tools I consider indispensable in my gardening day.

Do not sit on it – you’ll regret it, he says from painful experience.

Bottom Line

Buy one. I’m not sure how I can be plainer about the Korean plow hoe than that. It is my go-to working tool for planting, weeding and general work.

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Full agreement
by: Gardenpip
I agree with everything Doug has said about this indispensable tool.
I have had one for several years and use it for 90%+ of my gardening chores. It is really only when a large hole is required for a more established shrub or tree (or the removal of same) that I bring out the “old fashioned” spade.
TIP! Paint the handle with a bright waterproof paint so that when it gets lost under the mulch it is easily found!
Highly recommended

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