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A Recipe for a Homemade Garlic Spray

Here’s the recipe for a home made garlic spray – a natural insect control product (and fungal control too)

  • Crush several garlic gloves into a quart of water. Alternately, you can blend them into the water.
  • Simmer over low heat to soften the garlic and release the essential oils into the water.
  • Let the water cool.
  • Strain to remove the chunks. This is only necessary if you’re going to be using a sprayer to apply the garlic. A fairly small chunk will quickly clog a sprayer so it’s critical to do a good job here.
  • If you’re going to be using it as a soil drench for fungal control (say seedling damping off) then there’s no problem and you can use a watering can.
recipe for garlic spray


Apply to tops and bottoms of leaves if you’re trying to use the garlic spray as a natural insect repellant.

Only spray the tops and everything else nearby if you’re trying for an avoidance response (like controlling deer naturally)

Drench soil with watering can if you’re trying to control soil born fungal problems such as damping off.

Spray thoroughly top and bottom of leaf if you’re trying for a leaf fungal control.

Hazards of a Homemade Garlic Spray

There are no known hazards (other than smelling like a garlic press when you stand downwind) to this product.

I’d test all plants by spraying one leaf before spraying the entire plant. There are no guidelines for which leaves may be burned by this compound and which do not. It’s always better to test.

Note, if you purchase your garlic spray, do read and follow the directions for use because the potency will vary depending on the spray you buy.

Issues Solved By Buying Garlic Spray

Some folks don’t like to make the spray because it can be quite variable in potency, not to mention the smell. 😉 The prefer to buy it and here’s one resource for that.
Here’s a source for commercial garlic spray and note they are selling it as a mosquito repellent This is 99% garlic with a citrus oil spreader.

Final Notes

  • I have used the spray above as a soil drench for damping off and it does work.
  • I’ve never run a controlled experiment to test if garlic works to repel insects. That one is up to you to test.

Do not count on it killing insects (contrary to what the Net tells you) It would be nice but in my experience, this just doesn’t happen

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