Green Lacewings Are Superb Garden Predators

Green lacewings are a really interesting insect that not too many gardeners know about. Naturally occurring and a serious pest-eater.
Preferred food: Aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, leafhopper nymphs, moth eggs, scales, thrips, and whiteflies are eaten by the larval forms.
The adults eat only honey, pollen, and nectar, which they need to reproduce.
Biology and release rates: Green Lacewing are shipped either as eggs packed in bran, as larvae in frames or bottles, or as adults.
Once the larvae emerge, they will feed for 1-3 weeks before they become adults. Adults lay eggs and cycle continues.
Release rates: In gardens and greenhouses, release eggs at approximately 1,000 eggs/200 sq. ft.
Repeated releases every 7-10 days will be most effective if the infestation is severe. Availability: year-round.

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