Green Walls Remove NO2 From The Air

A recently released study by scientists at the University of Staffordshire in England  showed that green walls are highly effective at breaking down a major fossil fuel pollutant, nitrogen dioxide. NO2 is a dangerous gas that causes and exacerbates respiratory illnesses.
The study showed that Aerogation walls, which purify air naturally without filters or sequestration, remove an average of 62.4 percent of NO2 from polluted air. The results demonstrated that the technology is effective at cleaning polluted air, as is already being done with test walls in the City of London.
Here’s the website link for a green wall company that provided the product for testing.¬† No recommendation but more for your interest to see how they’re built and how they’re used.
There are home green walls around – here are some on Youtube.
Just in case you’re feel like building something very cool.
Mayo and I have talked about it but given we go South, there would be a dead wall of plants every spring when we got back.

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