How To Grow and Pronounce Hakonechloa

Let’s get the important stuff about Hakonechloa out of the way first. You pronounce it Ha-ckon-ee-kl-oh-ah – with the emphasis on the ee. So it sounds like “hackon-ee-kloa. Got it? 🙂

How To Grow

  • This wonderful grass plant thrives in the part shade to shade garden although it is equally happy in full sun.
  • The color is best in part shade.
  • What it does require is a fertile soil that holds moisture during the summer but not the winter. In other words, a soil high in organic matter is good but not a clay soil.


Hardy to -15 to -20 C (-5F) or USDA zone 4 marginally.


By division in the early spring.
In theory, you can grow it from seed but you’re not likely to find it setting any unless you’re in a warm climate.

Tips For Designing With Hakonechloa

  • This plant is simply spectacular when planted in large clumps of three or more plants. Each plant will expand slowly. It is not invasive at all in my USDA 4/5 garden.
  • The leaves on the gold forms tend to hold their colour well into the fall while the green species have a red-flushed fall colour that is also attractive for a long time.
  • It does brighten up a shady garden but it is not a plant for dry shade.

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Hakonechloa plants can be found here from several suppliers
Ornamental grass seed and plants can be found here

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2 thoughts on “How To Grow and Pronounce Hakonechloa”

  1. why do you say HACK ..in the pronounce ..isnt it Japanese? “HA KON A KLOA ” not Hack…?

  2. That’s the way I was told to pronounce it by a major producer. And no idea how the Japanese pronounce it. I’m too busy growing these plants rather than pronouncing them. 😉 Horticultural Latin is a language all its own that may/may not follow the grammar and pronunciation rules of regular Latin and any other language. As long as you understood what plant I was talking about – we’re all good.

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