Here’s What’s Happening In My Early September Garden Rebuilding.

The garden – indeed all parts of my garden – are getting a serious makeover this fall and the September garden is getting the biggest change.

The Vegetable Garden

I’ve written about why we have to move the garden here. And step one is underway.

I stripped the top layer of grass off the intended garden area with my tractor loader (making a massive mess of the entire thing) 🙂 But it turned up the rocks and prevented me from killing my back having to turn the entire area over by hand.

Overhanging lilac branches were removed to enable sunshine to hit the garden as much as possible.

This is the shale limestone that makes up a large proportion of our garden “soil”. It all has to be removed bit by bit in this process. And yes, while a lot of it will disappear this fall and next spring, it will be a yearly adventure to remove.

The digging and bed shaping begins. Each bed and walkway will be approximately 1M / 3 ft wide. This should give us an accessible garden that my sweetheart Mayo can work in.

What’s Next?

Once the beds are shaped in the next week or so, I’ll likely bring some manure to the garden and spread it over the top.

Then we’ll let winter do it’s thing out there.

Next spring will see the final hand digging of the beds, incorporating organic matter and getting seedbeds and support systems in place (along with the fencing and critter-prevention.)

And then I’ll reseed the bare sections to make it all look pretty.

But The Biggest Job This Fall

But the biggest job this fall is eliminating the backyard shade garden and rebuilding the front garden to handle both shade and sun plants. I’ll have notes about that shortly (As soon as I finish step one in Mayo’s vegetable garden – and that tells you which garden gets the priority treatment doesn’t it?) 😉

Stay tuned as I get to this in the next few days.

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