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How To Update An Ebook On Amazon

Here are the stop by step instructions on how to update an ebook on Amazon.

I’m currently updating my ebooks to better formatting (easier to read) and adding bonus content to every ebook – like Q&A forms and special hints and tips. So if you own any, now you can check for the updated versions.

Here are the steps for updating an ebook on Amazon

Sign into your Amazon account.

  • Click the “Hello <your name> to create a drop down menu
  • Click on “Your Content and Devices” about half-way down the list
  • Go the far left hand side of the screen that appears.
  • Beside the “Show” word is a drop down box.
  • Select “Books”

A list of your books will appear.

Scroll down to find “Your Book Title” or other ebook you want to upgrade.

Click on the update link below the title. (This used to be a small orange button but they’ve changed it) March 2020.

That’s it. The new version of the ebook will appear in your e-reader very quickly. And now you know how to update an ebook on Amazon. You’re likely going to be surprised at how many ebooks have been updated.

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2 thoughts on “How To Update An Ebook On Amazon”

  1. Crabapples ebook. I think it was an ebook I downloaded then printed off- many years ago. I thought it was from you.
    Now my daughter is looking at crabapple trees for her yard.
    Am I dreaming this?? If you still have access to the book, could I purchase it again?
    Thanks Doug, you have been my go to/real life/down to earth gardening source for such a long time. Glad you are still gardening!
    Pam Schepe

  2. Sorry Pam – that wasn’t anything I’ve written. (I may be crabby enough without an apple to help me along) 🙂

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