I’m a Fan of Timber Press Books

So here I am, sitting staring at over 600 pages on my old site and many of them are perennials. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been growing these plants on a commercial and collector level for somewhere around 30, er 35, well then, 40 years now and have managed to grow and/or kill more than my fair share. I had my own perennial nursery and worked for Canada’s largest perennial nursery. I love these plants.
The reason I’m staring at them is because I’m about to launch a full out blitz to upgrade a goodly number of them. I haven’t upgraded the pics nor the data in several years and it’s time. I’m a little overwhelmed, a little hesitant to just jump right in and starting coding. So I head over to my bookshelf (yeah, given the choice of working or reading about working, I’ll pick the reading quite a few times.)
And yes, even though I mostly write for electronic books as a business, I have a fine collection of good gardening books – both very old collector’s book and new ones – that I wouldn’t part with. I love good books. Always have. And even knowing I could pull everything I wanted from an Internet site, I still hunted down the industry standard.
Staring at the bookshelves, knowing I wanted “the” book on perennials, there was only one choice. Allan Armitage’s “Herbaceous Perennial Plants.”

Let me digress for one moment.
This is a Timber Press book. And when I looked at my surviving gardening books, I noticed the majority of new books were Timber Press books on specific plants or subjects. I’ve written here about the two essential gardening books and having seen the spine of all those books lined up on their own shelves, I realized I had become a fan. I understand being a fan of an author but being a fan of a publishing house? Really? Yes indeed, it surprised me to realize I was a Timber Press book fan.
I can’t speak for their generalized books but any book on a specific plant or range of plants is guaranteed to be the best book on the subject.

But here are my books…

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