Lightweight But Strong Container Garden Pot

If you’ve been looking for a light-weight, good-looking pot for your container garden adventures, I have a solution for you.  It’s called Bloembagz
But first, a disclaimer. This product was sent to me for testing by the company and I did not purchase it.

What’s To Like About This Container?

  • The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled material.
  • It is a double layered construction and the seams are very well made so it doesn’t fall apart. (I regularly took it for a walk -fully loaded and planted – around the garden just to test this out. The things I do for tests…)
  • If folds flat for storage.
  • It is permeable to air so that (theoretically at least – I ran no tests on this) air can reach the soil easily.  I suspect this isn’t all that important in the scheme of things given it also has a soil surface where these things normally happen.
  • It’s light. Very. I could easily pick a fully loaded 5 gallon pot up with one hand.  I need two and a strong back for my fully loaded clay pots of the same size.

To explain how I try to do this kind of thing.  This is a test of the container, not the plant (although it’s a Proven Winners Petunia that’s doing well too)  So the objective isn’t to create a beautiful container garden but to test the manufacturer’s claims. In this case, I wanted to see how moveable it was (good), how it held soil moisture (good) and whether it sweated water out the sides and bottom (yes – meaning you’ll need a saucer underneath it to prevent deck staining)  The white stripe on the side of the container is a handle that’s really well sown on.


  • It comes in a variety of sizes – from small one-gallon to full 5-gallons that I was growing in.
  • It also has a window box shape (you could build wooden boxes of the same size and use this for an insert)
  • Other shapes include strawberry planters etc and potato bags (taller)
I grew some plants in both the window box and regular containers – no difference.  Both were easily moved (the window box needed two hands so it didn’t bend or twist) but it could be moved if needed.

Bottom line

  • Good pots.
  • I’d use these where I wanted to a) move them or b) had a balcony garden or c) had storage issues – because they fold flat when not filled with soil.
  • Particularly for those with balconies where weight is an issue.
  • Well constructed. With decent care, they should last a very long time.
If I had a balcony or needed pots, these would be a serious contender.

Here’s Amazon pricing and availability

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