Mown Grass Fragrance Good For You

Oh oh! Guys everywhere are going to hear about this one as it turns out freshly mowed grass releases at least 5 different hormone fragrances – and they make you feel better.

So mowing the grass is good for you.

And an Australian researcher is creating a product you can spray on yourself to reduce stress (he’s calling it Serenascent as in “serene”) and perhaps improve your memory.

The scent works directly on the brain, affecting the regions responsible for emotion and memory, according to Nick Lavidis, a neuroscientist at the University of Queensland. These two areas “are responsible for the flight or fight response and the endocrine system, which controls the releasing of stress hormones like corticosteroids,” he says, explaining that the scent of freshly cut grass helps regulate those areas.
“It can be used as a room spray or a personal spray on bed linen, a handkerchief or clothing,” he said.
“Down the track we will look at incorporating the feel good chemicals into other products such as cosmetics and perfume.”

So what we have is the basic research that the smell of freshly mowed grass is good for you.

And the only way to get that smell is to, ahhh, mow the darn lawn every time you’re feeling stressed. 😉

You heard it here first.

Original news release here

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