What You Need to Really Know About Neem Oil And What It Does


Neem oil is produced by distilling the leaves of the Indian neem tree and is considered a safe and organic product for use in the home garden in the U.S. I note in Canada at the time of writing, it is only registered for use as a leaf cleaning product. To be clear, legally, I am not recommending its use in Canada for insect control. This article is aimed at my U.S. and overseas readers only.

What does it naturally control?

Note that this organic product should be used in rotation with other organic fungal controls to reduce the ability of the disease to become immune to this product in your garden.

  • Black spot on roses, powdery mildew problems, rusts, downy mildew to name a few.
  • Some scabs are controlled as are botrytis and a wide range of turf problems.
  • You can spray most grass species if you have a fungal problem on your lawn.
  • Insects such as aphids, whiteflies and spider mites are killed by neem.
  • Japanese beetles are repelled by neem (although they are not killed)


Mix and apply as per label directions. Each brand is different in strength and instructions.


Can be used up to day of harvest and there is no withdrawal time or concern with US registration.
Degrades in soil quickly.

You Can Find Neem Products Here

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