New Generation of LED Lights For Indoor Gardening

I’m starting to track the development of LED lights for indoor growing.  Mainly because I’m getting tired of replacing the grow lights in our system every year or so and not having enough light to properly grow seedlings even with those lights.  (I think we need three bulbs and not the two in the system).
Here’s a bit of an advertising piece to get you started.  The reason Hydrofarm supports them of course is because they’re using them in their system.  But it’s an interesting starting point to LED.
I chatted with a supply store the other day and the staff member wasn’t keen yet on the quality of the lights for home scale use. Too expensive for the quality and unless I was growing year round, it didn’t make sense yet to switch.
The reason I post this is simply to let you know I’m watching the development of indoor garden lighting.  It seems everybody’s getting into it – from IKEA (only in Europe at the moment) to home-scale marijuana growers.
As I figure it all out, I’ll be testing and passing those thoughts along to you.

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