Why You Should Grow Osteospermum In The Full Sun Garden

Osteospermum is a tough little daisy that should survive most gardeners (and you know who you are) 🙂  The thing that always impresses me about this plant is how long it blooms into the fall and how frost resistant it has been in my garden. It’s been slow getting started blooming in the spring for me but that long fall bloom more than makes up for with this annual flower.

Basic Growing Information

Height: 12-24 inches
Spread: 24-36 inches
Sun: full sun to very light shade. Does best in full sun.
Strong points:

  • Heat and humidity resistant.
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Frost tolerant in the fall

Osteospermum ‘Soprano Compact Purple’

I purchased several of these Proven Winners varieties in the spring of 2013 for my own gardening trials and they all did rather well in the heat and dry conditions of this summer.
Here’s the data you may be interested in reading. As always if you have your own experiences, I hope you’ll add them in the comments.
growing details
May 2013: Planted in mid-May in several spots in the garden and containers. All were put in the full sun.
July – in bloom and it continued in bloom (picture above)
General Comments: An easy-to-grow annual for use in containers and general garden bedding planting.
Deadheading on this variety is not needed and it is a low-maintenance, drought-resistant plant. After I planted it, I never touched it again until I pulled it out after a very hard frost took it out. Early frosts didn’t bother it.
If your plant is stretched out, a gentle tip-pruning will bush it out tremendously to give even more flowers. So examine the young plant and make all cuts first thing in the spring.
bottom Line
Recommendation: Yes. I’ll grow this plant again – in both containers and in my garden.

Osteospermum Bright Lights Pink”

I received this plant in spring 18 from Proven Winners as a trial plant.
All other growing characteristics (above) are the same except this variety is 8-12 inches tall.

Planted: early June 2018
Other comments will be added here throughout the growing season.

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