Review: Pearlbush Snow Day Surprise

Pearlbush is one of those shrubs few people know about except for a brief moment in late spring or early summer when it springs into glorious bloom.
And for that moment, it will win your gardening heart before it fades back to green background foliage.

Plant Details

  • Sunlight: full sun to part shade
  • Hardiness: USDA zones 4-8
  • Growth rate: Medium
  • Height: 3-4 feet
  • Width: 3-4 feet
  • Soils: does well in most well-drained soils, does prefer slightly on the acidic side but that’s not critical to success.
  • Flowers: white and the shrub is covered in them in late spring or early summer
  • Cultural: Nothing special, the plant will respond well to a renovation pruning after blooming (in other words, you can trim and cut off as much as you like to thicken it up and it will easily regrow)
  • Landscaping: This is a fountain kind of shrub with arching branches when mature and the heavy spring flowering is going to be spectacular on a mature specimen. There is no serious fall color to speak of so the plant is best used as a background or filler plant where it can be enjoyed for its bloom and then used as a foil for other more spectacular shrubs or flowering plants.
  • Variety: ‘Snow Day Surprise’ is the marketing name. It is also found as Exochorda ‘Niagara’

Growing Results for Pearlbush Snow Day Surprise

  • Planted: June 2010. Well rooted in 5-inch pot and cutting healthy and in good shape. Shipped from Garden Import
  • May 2012 – excellent blooms and good growth in the preceding 2 years. A bit of rabbit damage but not the plant’s fault (guess who’s fault it is!) 🙁
  • May 2013 Good shrub -Recommended for a spring blooming shrub. Excellent flowering and seedpods of interest. (where the name “pearlbush” comes from)
  • October 2015 Shrubs continues to grow well, flower nicely and I’m now trimming it into a bit of a standard (longer trunk) so I can fit other perennials under it.
  • Spring 2019: The voles stripped the bark from ground level to 24-inches up the plant. Killed it and it did not resprout

p.s. I’m going to buy another one and see if I can protect it (it was a very bad year on the island for vole damage)

I do like this plant!

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