perennials seldom divide

Perennial Plants That Seldom Need Dividing

These perennial plants can live almost forever without having to be divided.

  • Aconitum – Monkshood
  • Adenophora – Lady Bells
  • Aruncus dioicus – Goatsbeard
  • Baptisia australis – Flase Indigo
  • Crambe cordifolia- Colewort
  • Dictamnus albus – Gas plant
  • Eryngium amethystinum – Sea Holly
  • Gaura lindheimeri – Gaura
  • Gypsophila paniculata – Baby’s breath
  • Helleborus niger – Christmas Rose
  • Hemerocallis – Daylily
  • Hibiscus moscheutos – Rose Mallow
  • Hosta
  • Paeonia – Peony

The above list was off the top of my head – if you have others that seldom need dividing to keep them blooming, tell me in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

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