New Research On Planting Shrubs

There’s new research coming out on a better way to plant trees and shrubs. Growers and consumers like the way to produce plants we use now – that of container growing them. The plant growth can be managed better by the nursery and gardeners can buy and install plants almost through the entire spring, summer and fall months.
There’s no doubt though the best times to plant are early in the spring and mid to late fall when the plant is dormant up top but ready to put some root growth on. Remember that roots never stop growing below the frost line, they may slow down but if not frozen, they do not stop growing or working.
And this is what we need to have in order to get a great plant in our gardens – we need healthy working roots.

The Problem With Containerized Plants

One problem with container plants is the roots tend to circle the pot once they grow out far enough. We’ve all purchased plants with tons of circling roots – pot pound roots – and wondered what to do about it.
We used to suggest gardeners “score” the side of the rootball, cut a few roots, to convince the roots to grow outwards. We now know this gentle treatment isn’t much better than ignoring the circling roots and leaving them alone.
As it turns out, rather more drastic action is needed to get those roots to head outwards to ensure the plant not only survives but also thrives.

Here’s Where I Show You What To Do

There’s no way I can tell you how much you have to cut the roots up so please do watch the video above and get a sense of what I do for this Globe Blue Spruce. Note it’s September of the same year when I write this and the Spruce is growing well and looking happy.

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