Eight pool landscaping ideas

When it comes to pool landscaping ideas, there are a few things to consider and keep in mind.
After all, we want this area to be easy to maintain, fun to use, look good but also serve to create a great pool experience.
The first thing to understand Many folks have written to ask about the influence of chlorine on plants. For the most part, a bit a chlorinated pool water every now and then isn’t going to hurt any regular plant. You don”t want to soak the plant every day with the stuff but the splashing and general poolside water isn”t going to kill most plants.

Some Ideas for You To Consider

Tall plants.

You want to hide that ugly fence so use tall bushy plants right next to the fence to hide it. These can be annuals such as Castor Bean plant or they can be perennials such as Aruncus.
Evergreens will do an excellent job of masking the fence and provide both a sense of privacy and they’ll bring value to your landscaping. They look good in both winter and summer
Note that evergreens and shrubs are less work than either perennials or annuals.


I’m a big fan of using evergreens and shrubs as background plants in this kind of garden and then adding a ton of containers (of all shapes and sizes) that can be moved around and changed from year to year. The fun part of this is that you can create any color combination you like. Simply use the largest containers you can as they”ll be out in the hot sun and will suffer. Here is more info on container growing gardens.

Annual Flowers

They’re big.  They’re bright.  They bloom all summer.  They’re inexpensive.  So why aren’t you growing tons of them around your swimming pool?  🙂


I know a lot of folks love having climbing roses up the fencing or have roses in the pool area. I’m not a big fan and my pool landscaping always avoided this plant.
The darn things have thorns. This is only a problem when you want to retrieve that pool toy that got tossed right underneath them and you’re in your bathing suit – and you left your armour in the house.

Climbing plants

If you want a fast growing vine, consider the annual morning glory. Plant the seeds closer together than recommended in the packets (about 6-inches apart is good) and they’ll quickly grow up so by July you won’t see through the fence. Thicker plants will fight for territory on the fence and you’ll have a thick screen. Mind you, you’ll have to pull them off in the fall to leave the area clean.
Perennial vines such as Clematis and Honeysuckle also work nicely on fences although Honeysuckle can be a bit messy and is an aphid-trap.


You already know that you want a great paving system around your pool so you don’t slip. I know it sounds a bit basic but a lot of people pick tile or some other slippery surface instead of thinking through the safety issue. This is a pretty basic pool landscaping issue in my mind.

Plant Width:

Landscaping around a pool is one of the few places where you really want to understand how *wide* each of the plants you’re using truly is. You want that overlap along the edges for privacy so space them appropriately. You can always fill between them with annuals until they grow wide enough to provide a full cover.

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