Review: Proven Winners Supertunia Double Dark Blue

This is one of the new breeding of Petunia, ones that grow like stink and do not require constant deadheading. I’ve grown these in the past but never reviewed them so it’s about time I got some thoughts down to share.
Note to readers: I purchased this plant at a local garden center for review purposes. It was not provided by the company.

Petunia Growing Details

    • Feeding: feed every two weeks with an organic liquid plant food (I prefer fish emulsion but you may prefer one of the soybean based products)
    • Water: This is not a drought-tolerant plant so do water regularly whenever your soil dries out.
    • Fragrance: distinct petunia smell if you rub leaves but no perfume from flowers
    • Use: general landscape use and hanging baskets. 3-4 plants will fill an 18-inch basket
    • Hardiness: it’s not. A hard frost will kill it.

Trials: Planted on May 17, 2013.
Results: Good production of blooms in a very tough gardening year. Not as prolific as the nearby ‘Wave’ Petunias but many of the double flowering forms tend to be smaller plants.
bottom line:
If you want a double flowering blue petunia, this could be your choice. You’ll be pleased with its performance. Simply be aware you do need to feed them to get the big growth and blooms.

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