deer repellent

A Homemade Recipe for Deer Repellent

A  homemade recipe for deer repellent recipe is below.  But, it comes with the usual caveat that deer are not easily deterred if they are hungry.

deer repellent

This is something I use in the garden in an effort to hold back the predation of my tulips from the deer herd that seems to use this property as a walkway along the shore.

Take a gallon of water and two spoons full of latex white paint.

The use of latex white paint is to use the spreader/sticker in the paint so you want to add only a bit to the water. We want it to be a very, very pale water – not a very thin paint. You could also use two tablespoons of liquid soap.
The paint does let you see where you’ve sprayed and it does disappear very quickly

Add several eggs to the mix – up to a half dozen should be fine.


Apply to the plants to be protected as well as around the boundaries of the property.

The egg mix will go rancid – which is what you want but you won’t smell it.
The deer will.

They’ll avoid the area while the “fragrance” is new and fresh.
So do plan on renewing this every week or two or after heavy rains.

Important Notes About Any Deer Repellent

Buy a new blender and keep the old one for the deer repelleant recipe-making. But I didn’t have to tell you that did I?

If you stop spraying or miss a spray – the deer will be back. I’ve been told that friends add other ingredients such as garlic oil, hot pepper juice etc. Things that change up the smell.

And they add a different product every time they spray to change that up as deer don’t like novelty in their environment.

Some folks don’t like to make their own so here’s one of the most popular commercial products called “Liquid Fence” that I’ve used successfully in my own garden with my personal deer herd.

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