A Practical Review of the Rainforest Sprinkler Head

Last summer, the folks at Rainforest Sprinklers sent me a sprinkler to test and try out. So I dutifully hooked this slightly familiar looking unit up to my watering system and turned it on.
What I remembered as soon as it start working was that this was almost the exact same shape and operation of sprinkler head I used in some parts of my nursery – only these were bigger and more robust.
I have to confess memories of watering thousands of plants flooded back and I had to stand, smiling as the fine water distribution did its thing. The things i liked back then were equally true with this unit. If they plug up (and every sprinkler I’ve ever had plugs up now and then because you get dirt in the hose) they come apart very, very easily.
The larger orifice on this unit compared to my greenhouse units means it cleans out quickly and easily with a small wire. So they come apart easily and clean easily and these two things are music to my nurseryman ears.
The spike on the end of the sprinkler was long enough to hold regular 12-inch tall unit upright but a taller riser may require a staked support (I sometimes found when the ground was saturated, the taller risers would tilt too easily so staked them to prevent this)
Rainforest suggests the sprinklers are environmentally sound because they use less water. My garden practice calls for putting on an inch of water every 4 days or so given our shallow soils so it doesn’t matter how the sprinkler head works, the amount of water applied is the critical factor.
What will be useful is that with the lower flow per sprinkler head, I will be able to run more sprinklers to cover more ground with my existing hose system. You see they run on a lower water pressure than most other sprinklers so I can run more of them for longer distances away from the house. This is really going to be appreciated by the young trees that I really had difficulty watering last summer because of the distance from tree to the water pump.
So yes, in order to get the same amount of water onto the ground as my big impact sprinklers I have to run them for a longer time but the overall time should be be close as I’ll be watering a larger area.

Doug’s Bottom Line

Bottom line – this is a great sprinkler head and I’ll be buying enough to set up my own watering system.
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