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Can I Turn My Swimming Pool Into A Pond?

I had a reader who wrote, “Can I can turn my swimming pool into a pond because we got tired of swimming in it?”
Here’s my response:
Sure you can, but…

The decision point though is what kind of pond you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a pond for fish,
Some folks say you don’t have to change much at all. You can add some landscaping to the edges, eliminate the chlorine and go for it.

  • Let me suggest though, you’re going to want to add uv-light filtration to control algae.
  • Remember chlorine kills fish and your pool is too deep to establish many plants that fight the algae.  And after a short while, you’ll find you’ll likely need to look at the pond filtration system because the fish will produce by-products that a swimming pool filtration system isn’t designed to handle.
  • The worst thing though is you’ll have to figure out some way of cleaning the bottom of this deep pond.

Sounds like it’s getting complicated.

The reality is that a pool isn’t a pond and they each have different construction and filtration needs.

Swimming pools just don’t easily turn into this kind of pond.

My Best and Most Unpopular Advice About Turning A Swimming Pool Into A Pond

If you want a natural looking pond, then my advice is to tear out the pond and all its components (sell them if possible).
Fill in the hole to the depth of the pond you want and start building your pond using pond equipment.
You’ll be happier with the look and operation of the pond if you do it as a pond and not as a reno-pool with pool equipment.

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

Why Do I Say This and Risk Annoying Readers?

I could BS you but the real answer here is that if you don’t build your pond properly, then it become the maintenance nightmare from hell. And you’ll blame me.

And that’s the bottom line for all ponds. If they’re a problem, then the construction or operation isn’t right.

A good pond pretty much runs itself.
And a pool isn’t going to be a good pond – but it is a good hole in the ground to start.
And if you build it right, it could be a pond (shallow end) with swimming or wading area (deeper end)

You’ll find a great many resources here.

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