The 2022 Garden Season Adventure

Dear fellow gardeners

The gardening season is charging at us, and as the days lengthen and the ground softens into mud season, I’m getting a bit antsy to get out there and at it.

But before I commit to the outdoors for this year, let me tell you I spend a rather large part of the winter fixing broken links on this site (over 700) caused by a funky server move. There are about 15-ish left to hunt down and I’ll get to them, “soon”.

Apple Fitness + and I are working together to get me back into shape after a season-ending leg injury last July. I have high hopes to finish the dry stone walls this year and begin creating our senior’s garden. (If I have to be a senior for COVID, I might as well admit to being one for gardening.)

Publishing Schedule

I’ll post when I have something to share or it’s a miserable, rainy day out there and I need to cheer us all up up with some garden pictures.

Note my gardening ebooks keep this site alive so buying them to solve your garden problems helps us all.

Back garden in progress 2021

This is how the garden got left after I blew out my quadriceps muscle (and couldn’t walk very well) Lots of work there to finish and clean up.

This Season’s Plans

This season, my emphasis here will be on showing you pictures of the garden building and plants.

I need to get the gardens built so I can start my plant breeding adventures. (Hey, you didn’t think I was going to sit out there all day on a rocking chair!)

So then: dragon gardens, senior’s gardens and plant breeding beginnings.

Sounds like a good retirement to me. I’ll have pics for you as the work progresses.

2 thoughts on “The 2022 Garden Season Adventure”

  1. Oh my, dragon gardens, I’m in!! I am a senior too now and can’t imagine how I am going to look after all the gardens I have created over the years. Lots of mulch and getting to the weeds early maybe. Always enjoy your articles, whenever you have the time to do them. I will be puttering in my gardens more and working in them less too, I hope. It’s miraculous how everything grows in so quickly that they don’t let too many weeds in now that the gardens are mature. Don’t say anything about dividing! Have a great day.

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