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The One Thing You Need To Do Before Planting Flowers or Vegetables

If you’ve started your own perennial flowers, (or any other plant) the first thing you really need to do before planting flowers or vegetables is acclimatize them.

This means slowly but surely introducing them to outside conditions.

The short version of this is to get them ready to go outside by putting them outside for:

  • One hour on Day 1.
  • Then two hours on Day 2.
  • Then three hours on Day 3.
  • Then four hours on Day 4
  • Day 5 leave them outside (unless there’s a frost forecast) all day
  • Day 6 – leave them outside all night too.
  • Day 7 – transplant into garden.

Yes, even perennials need to be acclimatized.

Tender vegetables really require this. (All vegetables are “tender”.)

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What If You Purchased Your Transplants?

I’d do the same thing if they were in a greenhouse. Start right at Day 1

If they were on racks outside, then I’d begin with Day 3 or 4.

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