tree graft problem

Tree Graft Problem In A Japanese Maple

This is what a tree graft failure looks like on a Japanese maple.

Some beginner gardeners might have blamed a rodent for eating away at the bark but it’s really a problem with a graft that’s beginning to fail and kill the tree after (about) 8 years in the ground.

Graft failure on Japanese Maple

Can It Be Fixed?

Technically yes – if you were an expert grafter, you might be able to graft multiple shoots from the root to the tree and bypass the failure point. I’m not.

But realistically – unfortunately, no. This tree is simply slowly dying from the top down and I’ll be pruning off the dead branches over the next few years (at least I hope I have another few years) 🙂

Isn’t There A Plant Guarantee?

If this had happened in the first year or two, then yes, you could ask for a refund.

This tree is 8-ish years old in our garden. Any warranty has long expired.

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