Why Water Pressure Is Important To You

Why Is Water Pressure Important?

Your initial water pressure is set either by your municipality or by your well pump/pressure system.

  • In both cases, this is too high for the average drip system and
  • May not be adequate for more than one overhead sprinkler

If you make a mistake with your drip system, you can blow it out and rip the hose apart.

A few years ago, I messed about with a “tape” form of drip irrigation. Very thin plastic, it came highly recommended and I tested a 100-foot length of it.
It lasted approximately 5 mintues before I blew the seams right out of it at 40 psi (my well pressure)
When I talked to the rep, he asked what my water pressure was (and I could “hear” him shaking his head in wonderment. ) 🙂
You got it – too high a water pressure. I should have known better but I just wasn’t thinking.

Where Does This Go?

It depends on how the system is set up.
In a typical zone system, you’ll run one major pipe out to the zones.
At the zones, you’ll put t-junctions into the main feeder pipe to feed off to the zones.  (Don’t worry about these terms, they’re all going to be explained in graphics in the next lesson.)
The pressure compensating device goes at the beginning of every zone.

  • If you have one zone, put it on the tap ahead of the pipe.
  • If you have multiple zones, put one at the beginning of every zone and none in the main feeder pipe.

The Exercises From Lesson 1.

  • Calculate your flow rate at the tap.
  • Calculate the flow rate at the end of a hose.

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