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Can You Help Me With My Waterfall Backsplash Problem

I have a diagnosed “waterfall backsplash”problem from a waterfall drop of approximately 5ft, to a spill bucket, that then too has back splash problems emptying into a lower pool. Any advice would be super.

Doug says

Hmmm, “waterfall backsplash”.

Water Going Behind Waterfall

If you’re talking about the disappearance of water from the waterfall – back-splashing behind the rocks on the way down the falls, then the solution is to tear down the waterfall and reset it using a lot more pond foam. This foam prevents water from getting behind rock work. It is an integral part of pond building with rock now and will solve a lot of problems in both waterfalls and stream/pond edges with water leaking or splashing out of the water course.

For those who don’t know the symptoms – the soil behind and to the side of the waterfall will be completely soaked all the time.

Water Splashing Out Of Pond

If you’re talking about water actually “splashing” out of the pond, then the solution can be found in several different ways. The first is to reduce the water flow rate. A lowered amount of water volume may indeed create less splashing.

If the flow rate isn’t the problem, then the actual construction of where the rocks are placed may be causing a water loss or waterfall back-splashing effect. Move the rocks.

Now problems of upper pools emptying out to lower pools have been covered here before. And that is mostly a construction issue with the lower pond having to be larger than the upper.

If the lower is smaller, the water flow will never be right. So without knowing the sizes of your ponds, I can’t say if this is an issue.

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